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WET Bowl - Medium Grey

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The WET Bowl is a handmade glass bowl inspired by the surface tension of natural water pools. One can guess the depth and strength of what’s underneath – yet it stays a mystery.

When the WET Bowl is filled, the objects seem to float on the surface without becoming even partly submerged.

Designed in Austria, handmade in Europe. 
Each piece is unique and might show magical bubbles or differences to image shown.


Material: Glass
Technique: Mouth-Blown
Colour: Grey, Opaque
Care Guide: The Ursula Futura Products are not dishwasher friendly and should be washed by hand.

Estimated Shipping time:
To Austria1-3 week days
To Germany2-4 week days
Rest of Europe5-6 week days
Rest of world7-8 week days + customs time