Ursula Futura

Ursula Futura is our alter ego. A person who dares to do what they feel like doing. A person who sees the positive in situations and always discovers new paths.

Ursula Futura, design studio and premium glassware brand, plays with the ever-changing nature of its alter ego, fluid-like glass. The studio’s experimental pieces are created through the abstraction of observations translated into functional objects.

Nature, science, and moments of wonder are often the starting point for the playful fantasy creations of Ursula Futura. Interested in the expression of emotions through objects, her designs are about raising a smile, spreading joy, and piquing curiosity.

Fascinated by the magical material glass and its water-like properties, its fragility, and at the same time its strength, Ursula Futura made the material the center of her design practice. The production and process are often impulsive and in close collaboration with the glass artisans.    

The studio is under the creative and strategic direction of Kathrin Zelger.

Say hello at kathrin@ursulafutura.com.