PHENOMENA captures moments of wonder through glass objects - an interplay of materiality and light. The viewer is invited to consciously enjoy the act of perceiving. Imagination is fired, senses are engaged and conversation is stimulated.

The mission of Ursula Futura's first collection is to draw focus to everyday moments of wonder and change perspectives on the (what seems) ordinary. Rainbows, morning fog, shimmers of color created by sunlight, a bursting soap bubble, reflections in the sky - all natural phenomena that trigger emotions. With PHENOMENA, Ursula Futura recreates these sensory experiences, capturing their fragility and challenging the viewer to consciously perceive moments of wonder in everyday life. 

Shifting perspectives. Experiencing moments of wonder. 


The Production 

All objects are designed in-house and individually handmade by a manufacturer partner in the Czech Republic. The work is pushing the boundaries of the material glass and the processes our partners normally use. The studio continues to focus on excellent craftmanship, high-quality materials and that special energy surrounding the objects